It's All About the Mappings

Our system allows you to map your images to our products. You can then fulfill Print on Demand orders for mapped products with a few clicks or taps, or order in bulk for self fulfillment or FBA. If you sell on Etsy we have a complete integration that allows 1 click ordering - we'll print, ship and add the tracking info back into Etsy (assuming the product variation has been mapped).

Below is a screenshot of a mapping (example images) which is probably the best way to explain what a mapping is.

A mapping tells us exactly what you need for a specific product (sku is optional). If you sell an image in multiple sizes, you would need multiple mappings - one for each size. At the bottom you can see that this mapping is not connected to an Etsy product. Etsy is an option, the mapping system works great on its own and acts as an image manager of sorts. Once you upload and create your mappings you can order them at any time in our system without needing to find them again and upload them.

FBQ Mappings

There are a few different ways to create mappings, you can do it in bulk or one at a time. Our bulk mapping feature works great if your images are named with a sku as a prefix on the filename - or some other unique identifier. You can also create a mapping off of an Etsy order.

Video Demonstrations

We have a few videos that go over the basics of how things work:

Intro Video
1 Minute
Creating Mappings, Connect to Etsy
20 Minutes
Create Mappings in Bulk
7 Minutes
Create a Bulk Order
3 Minutes

Our system can seem a little daunting at first - why mess with a mapping, I just want to order prints! but once you get the hang of it, it is very cool. The mappings work as an asset manager and keep your products organized, and since they are already uploaded ordering is a breeze. If you sell on Etsy then the integration makes fulfilling orders quick and easy. If the order is for something you already have a mapping for, once you connect the Etsy product/variation to our Mapping future orders can be fulfilled with one click. We then update the shipping info on Etsy once the order is shipped.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up please email us, we are happy to answer any questions.